Steven Ackroyd takes us through Revelation 13, comparing the counterfeit works of the evil one with the true work of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Tim explores the cosmic timeline of Revelation 12, and draws out what we should know about the work of the evil one in history and in the world today.
As the trumpets of judgment sound, the question arises - how can anyone be saved? Al looks at the Gospel hope that emerges from chapters 10 and 11.
The Lamb is not simply passively enthroned. He is active, executing God's master-plan, which John experiences through seals on the scroll being opened and trumpets sounding. Al looks at why…
Having spent time looking at the scenes of heavenly worship in Revelation, Hannah now reflects on our practice of worship at WCC, asking what the Bible teaches about why and…
John's second vision in Revelation is of heavenly worship around God's throne, of the unlocking of the destiny of the world, and the surprising figure through whom that comes.
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