Sunday 7th August

On August 7th, we’re encouraging those who would like to meet together to do so in homes around the village and beyond. Feel free to share fellowship in the way you would like. You may want to break bread and/or eat together.

For those who are meeting, we’re suggesting basing the morning around Psalm 103. Below are some materials to start you off, but do feel free to improvise around the theme.


10000 reasons
Praise my soul, the King of Heaven
The Lord is Gracious & Compassionate
Praise to the Lord, The Almighty, The King of Creation
One Thing Remains


Splitting the Psalm in half may help discussions:

  • Psalm 103:1-12
  • Psalm 103:13-22


  1. What does it mean for “all our inmost beings” to praise the Lord?
  2. What pits has the Lord redeemed you from?
  3. David writes that the Lord “satisfies your desires with good things”: what does that look like in our lives?
  4. How and where have you seen God working righteousness and justice for the oppressed in our nation?
  5. Do you remember the time that you first realised your sin? What about when you first realised that you were forgiven through Jesus? What were those experiences like?

  1. The second half of the Psalm includes ways in which God is like us (but better), and ways in which He is altogether different. What are some of these?
  2. Do you more readily relate to God through familiarity (God is my Father; Jesus is my brother; the church is the Bride of Christ; …) or formality (God Almighty; Jesus the Lord; Alpha & Omega; the Lord of Hosts; …)?
  3. Verses 19-22 declare God’s Kingdom, supreme and triumphant over everything. What New Testament scriptures does this bring to mind? How do we feel led to pray in the light of this?
  4. What is the Holy Spirit laying on your heart as you read this Psalm?