Kids & Youth

We believe that the Lord is the God of all, and that young people of all ages can get to know him, and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Sunday mornings

On Sunday mornings, we start our meeting as a whole church, but around 11am the children and youth leave the main meeting for their own group meetings. In these separate meetings, the young people dig into the Bible and learn more about God through discussions, songs, craft activities and games.

The groups are also accessible for young people who are exploring faith for the first time.

Village youth group

Along with other churches in Wheatley, we help to run the Pulse village youth group. Pulse is for 11-16 year-olds from Wheatley and the surrounding villages, and meets on Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm in the Mulberry Room of the United Reformed Church on Crown Square.

Week by week, Pulse alternates between games evenings and discussion evenings. The aim for the Games evenings is to build up individuals and friendships through board games and team games. In the Discussion evenings we examine a range of topics around life and faith, encouraging open discussion and listening to differing viewpoints. In recent years, these topics have covered areas such as dealing with stress, coping with unexpected life challenges, and exploring the Christian faith through the Alpha Course. There are trips out and film nights once a term, and an annual worship service to which all churches in the village are invited through Wheatley Area Churches.

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