Following the success of our online women’s events with our Christmas Craft evening and most recently, our women’s breakfast led by Dr Naomi Hinks, we can now reveal plans for a virtual girls’ night in.  Join us on April 23rd for Clues & Cocktails – a games evening featuring a Sherlock Holmes-themed Escape Room as the main event, accompanied by your own homemade cocktails, all without leaving the comfort of your own sofa!

If you’ve never done an Escape Room before, you’re in for a treat.  Normally costing upwards of £25 per person back in the day when you actually showed up in person to a public venue, we bring you this Sherlock Homes mystery absolutely free of charge.  Played in teams of 6, we will be in breakout rooms for an hour, playing as a team but with each player logged in to the escape room individually; you solve the clues as a team but everybody gets to enter them on their own device, so no craning over someone else’s shoulder to share a screen.  The game is suitable for age 10+ so there’s something for everyone, and by playing as a team we get to help each other out.

We’ll also play a couple of other short online games together as a whole group, with the opportunity to chat and compare cocktails, which we hope you’ll all make using the cocktail and mocktail recipes we’ll send out nearer the event.

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You can find information about the 2020 Christmas Craft Night here.

Our Women’s breakfast on February 6 was a fantastic success. You can watch the talk on our YouTube channel, or watch below.

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