The Mark Drama

The Mark Drama

June 25, 2022 19:30

According to 2019 research, it turns out that people also struggle to decide who Jesus was and is: the UK population is pretty evenly split between God (21%), normal human (17%), prophet (29%), and mythical person (22%) with the rest being unsure.

In the light of this, WCC have decided to stage a production of the shortest and punchiest eyewitness account of Jesus’s life: the Gospel of Mark. The Mark Drama, an adaptation of the gospel that lasts 90 minutes and takes place in the round, will be playing in Wheatley for one night only on Saturday June 25th at Wheatley Primary School. Come along and make up your own mind!

If you can’t make that evening, there will be a further performance at Bayard’s Hill in Barton on Sunday June 26th at 4pm.