Corona virus (COVID-19) plans

As the situation is changing rapidly, and new measures are often announced with little warning, the church will be monitoring developments carefully, and we will post updates on this page rather than sending out updates whenever something changes.

We will still endeavour to email ahead of Sunday services to confirm plans.

  • Returning to meeting in person

    A few thoughts on our motivation and on risk management At WCC, we have not rushed to return to meeting in person at the Primary School. This is partly because Zoom is working surprisingly well in many ways, partly because many of our congregation were or still are shielding, and partly because of uncertainty around how well sharing the venue would work for the school. We've started working through the risks involved in meeting together, but every step is reinforcing to us that every congregation is unique, and has its own unique situation and risks. It's become hard to think everything through...
  • Prayer and Pastoral updates

    During this time of heightened pressure and need, we in the WCC community want to support each other as well as possible, practically and in prayer. To help us to coordinate this well, please could you send any prayer requests you have, as well as any practical needs, to care@wheatleycommunitychurch.org. If it's just to let us know and not for sharing on a prayer list, please mention that in the email so we know not to circulate it.
  • Plans for Sunday 25th

    Last week was a learning experience for us all - thanks for getting stuck in, and for all the helpful comments and suggestions you've sent in since Sunday.We are taking them on board, and will be making the following changes to Sunday services for this week: We'll try to keep the service to an hour or so.The first 15 minutes will aim to be all-age-friendly.Some of the kids' leaders will put together some suggested activities for our young people for half an hour or so - kids' sermons, worksheets, and prayer activities.We'll make sure that any videos we play for sung...
  • Sunday’s walk cancelled

    The decision has been taken to cancel the walk, in the light of government social distancing guidelines. We would encourage people to make whatever individual arrangements they can, withinthe boundaries set by government advice.
  • Sunday’s walk uncertain

    Due to the step-up in recommended social distancing, we will be reviewing the proposed walk this Sunday afternoon. Options include cancelling it altogether, or sending people off in two-household groups. The church leadership will be meeting before the service to make a final decision. If you are not "attending" the morning service, please check back here for an update before turning up!
  • Meeting Tech, Prayer and Home Groups

    Please note that this page is now out of date.For the latest links and details, please see our live-streaming page. Firstly, a heads-up that our Saturday prayer breakfast will be going ahead at 9am tomorrow as planned - but online. Details follow below. Technology update For the time being, all of our online meetings will be held using Zoom. This is an online conference-call tool that allows for multi-way communication with video and/or sound. If you are happy working out the technology, all you need to know is the meeting link - this will prompt you to download the software to computer. You...
  • Moving forwards

    For more information on how we're planning to move forward at this time, and for details of pastoral care and Sunday services, please see our 15-minute briefing video at http://bit.ly/WCC20200318.
  • Full update tomorrow

    17th March, 22:00: We have just concluded our Trustees meeting. We started by praying that we'd come to conclusions that "seemed right to the Holy Spirit and to us", and I feel that we really did. It's too late to get a proper update out tonight, but do watch this space for an update tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is Newsletter Day - if you do not get the church newsletter and would like to - or if you used to and then stopped because you heard the notices on Sunday mornings instead, there's no time like the present! Please drop an email...
  • Pulse service cancelled

    16th March, 21:00: The decision has been taken to cancel the Pulse worship service this coming Sunday evening. The Trustees will still be meeting tomorrow to plan ahead - expect a fuller update on Wednesday. If you do not get the church newsletter and would like to, please drop an email to office@wheatleycommunitychurch.org.
  • Sunday service will go ahead

    13th March, 09:00: Our current plan is for Sunday's service to proceed. We will be taking extra precautions, including spacing the chairs wider apart, and asking our welcome team to avoid handshakes and hugs. Please bring your own travel mug if you would like a drink! If you feel it is wise to stay away, please do so with our blessing. Do send through any prayer or practical requests to your home group leader, or to the Church office (office@wheatleycommunitychurch.org).