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May 27th – Romans 5:1-21

May 27th – Romans 5:1-21

Home Groups are not meeting this week because of the Members’ Meeting. However, one really good way of making sure we’re living in the good of the Scriptures would be to discuss some of these questions, relating to Romans 5:1-21, with members of your Home Group in another setting.

  1. What is “character” in this passage? How does character build hope? Can you give an example from your own life?
  2. What has your experience been of the Holy Spirit? How has the love of God been “poured out in your heart” by the Spirit?
  3. Christ died for us while we were still sinners. How does this truth affect how we relate to non-Christians?
  4. If someone was to say that Jesus was “just another man” or “a good teacher”, what differences would you highlight between Jesus and other people?
  5. Can you tell part of your testimony in a way that explains what it means for you to have “peace with God”?
May 20th – Romans 4:1-25

May 20th – Romans 4:1-25

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Romans 4:1-25.

  1. What action or decision in your life so far has required the most faith (a) in God? (b) in another person?
  2. Are there any things in your life where you are holding out in faith, but have not yet seen a response? How do you continue to have faith over long periods of time?
  3. If someone asked you, “what does it mean to have faith in Jesus?” how would you explain it?
  4. Hebrews 11:13 tells us of Abraham and others, “all these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them at a distance…”
    What goals, projects or vision do you have faith for, which you will not see accomplished in your lifetime?
  5. What do you most struggle with in living a life of faith?
  6. When we believe, our punishment is taken away and instead we are made right before God – we are ‘justified’. There is nothing we do to earn this except having faith. How do you do at living in the truth of this? Are there ways in which you still try to justify your existence?

May 13th – Romans 3:1-31

May 13th – Romans 3:1-31

Although our Sunday teaching only ran to v20, we’ll be looking at the longer passage (up to v31) in Home Groups. Try to have a copy of The Roman Road with you at Home Group this week. There’s two downloads below that you can use.

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Romans 3:1-20.

  1. How would you summarise the privileges and responsibilities that have passed from Ancient Israel to the Church?
  2. Are people born “basically good” and corrupted by the world, or “born corrupt”? Have you ever had a conversation where someone says that religions “hold back human progress”? If someone said that to you, how would you respond?
  3. Imagine that a friend has been given “The Roman Road” to read. They find Romans 3:23-24 hard to understand because of the “Christian jargon”. How would you explain it to them in everyday language?
  4. What is a “sacrifice of atonement”? What Biblical stories or non-Biblical pictures illustrate what Jesus did in “atoning” for us?
  5. Can you tell part of your testimony in a way that demonstrates what it means for God to be “just and the one who justifies”? (v26) [suggestion: have two or three people try this – there will be chances in future weeks to share testimonies]
  6. How can we avoid the parallel dangers of living under the weight of guilt, or taking sin too lightly?

May 6th – Romans 2:1-29

May 6th – Romans 2:1-29

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Romans 2:1-29.

  1. What first brought home to you your need for forgiveness?
  2. Which does our British culture have more trouble with: the idea of sin, or the idea of forgiveness?
  3. How can we challenge this in daily conversation?
  4. On Sunday, we heard: “being part of God’s people increases our responsibility rather than our righteousness”. Do we agree? If so, what responsibilities do we carry, and does my life reflect that?
  5. If someone said to you, “I’ve always seen God as a grumpy old man, looking to point out people’s faults”, how would you respond?
April 29th – Romans 1:18-32

April 29th – Romans 1:18-32

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Romans 1:18-32.

  1. Where do you see God’s nature in creation?
  2. How do we feel about a God who is wrathful as well as loving?
  3. Some of this passage is quite uncomfortable reading in our current culture. How do we deal with the clash of Biblical standards and cultural standards without being unloving?
  4. Does this passage challenge me in how I present the Gospel?
  5. How do we warmly welcome people to explore faith, without giving the impression that we can come to Christ and remain unchanged?