The Affiliation Conversation

We thought it would be helpful to put a number of resources around this conversation in the same place, for easy reference. The most recent resources appear first.

February 2024 – Gordon, Tim and Al explain why we’re exploring connection with a church network and how we’re going to land the discussion in the coming months.

February 2024 – The timeline and explanation for how we’re landing the affiliation discussion in the coming months. Also a helpful 2023 reflection from a WCC member on the topic of fasting.

These are the results of the survey from early 2022. You can click the picture to see a larger view of the image.

Additional priorities suggested by respondents were (most frequent first) “accountability for leadership”, “combined events” and “credibility for those seeking a church”.

A video from January 2022, explaining that we’re revisiting the conversation around affiliation.