23rd March Members’ Meeting

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PrayerAl will open with prayer, as we seek God’s leading for tonight
Apologies for absence
Review of minutes
Matters arising
Please raise any matters arising which are not already on the agenda, and note any errors or omissions with regard to the previous meeting’s minutes (25th Nov 2020)
MembershipWe will be presenting two recommendations for membership.
WCC budget / finance policyBrian will briefly introduce our new finance policy, and will present two sets of choices to the church with regard to our budget this year.
Mission Support GroupThe MSG will present the Mission Support policy and a proposal to support New Dawn school.
Youthwork updateA brief update from Brandan on our youthwork, and an opportunity for those less directly involved to ask questions they may have.
Pastor’s reportA short verbal report from Al.
PrayerGordon will close the meeting in prayer.


Please keep the following links to hand, and use them to vote at the meeting tonight.

Please only vote once per church member in your household. When you have completed the form, you have the option of submitting another response for an additional member in your household.