Returning to meeting!

For months now, we’ve been looking forward to meeting together again in person. While different people have different levels of comfort with social contact, we’re now at the stage where a significant number of people would be ready and keen to meet up in person again.

We’ve been doing lots of legwork on how to do “hybrid services” well so that people present in person and people participating online all have ways of being meaningfully involved. So we’re really pleased to announce that we’ve now reached an arrangement with the school to be able to meet there in person from May 23rd.

Our plan is to hold an all-age service on May 23rd (Pentecost!) in person and online: we’ll make it shorter than normal so that it works well for all concentration spans. (History Makers will break out into their own room at one point, as they’re connecting with Claire & Aget in Hamburg). We’ll then go back to meeting online for two weeks, while we make any adjustments needed to our technical setup, and then start meeting in the new hybrid format from June 13th onwards. We hope that by June 13th we’ll also have children’s groups running again, however the planning for that is still ongoing!

We appreciate that there’ll be lots of questions, maybe a few concerns, and some details that aren’t covered in this. We’ll be expanding this post with more information over the next few days.