Accountability & Discipleship resources

A number of people asked during the service today where to get hold of the “accountability questions” bookmarks. They can be found in our kids & youth downloads section, here: https://new.wheatleycommunitychurch.org/2020/07/17/sunday-19th-july/.

You can also listen to the talk where David Campbell first explained them back in January in our sermons area, here: https://new.wheatleycommunitychurch.org/sermons/jonah-1/

Chris summed up really well at the end of the service – we need to be intentional about pursuing discipleship and accountability, so get asking! If you’re unsure who to ask, or if someone has asked you to “coach” them and you’d like help doing so, drop me a message at al.mcnicoll@wheatleycommunitychurch.org or give me a call!