July 15th – Finding fresh life in your prayers

Jeff encouraged us to live lives of both prayer and praise (as essential as the left and right wings of an aircraft!) and we also heard from Chris and Dawn, encouraging us through practical advice. In looking at these questions, the aim is not just for each individual to answer them, but for us to help each other, from our collective experience and creativity. This will be most effective if we also set some goals for ourselves, and ask others to “check in with us” over the week or at next week’s home group to see how it’s going.

  1. What is your biggest obstacle to prayer? (for instance, Chris talked about distraction) Can we help each other to think of ways to overcome these?
  2. What or whom do you pray about, beyond your own immediate life and situation? Do you feel challenged to widen your scope?
  3. Are your prayers focused mostly in “praying for things”, or do you also find yourself praising God in prayer?
  4. Given that God is always present, do we naturally speak to Him when we’re conversing with other believers?
  5. Do we try to make our mind up what to pray for when faced with a difficult situation, or are we happy to pray open-ended prayers and trust God to counsel us in what’s right?
  6. What practice are you going to change, or what are you going to do differently this week, and what question would it be helpful to ask you next week?