June 3rd – Pentecost

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Pentecost, and to Acts 2.

  1. What aspects of our life and witness would benefit from a fresh empowering of God’s Spirit?
  2. In terms of receiving God’s Spirit, do we feel you have already received most of what God has for you this side of eternity? If not, what more are we hoping for? (it may be helpful to read a passage such as Ephesians 5:17-20 or Acts 4:29-31)
  3. Do our prayer times – individual and communal – reflect an attitude of expectation with regard to the Holy Spirit?

Rather than more questions, it would be good to leave time to pray for each other for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. You may want to start by reading together Psalm 63: “Lord, you are my God – earnestly I seek you”.

If you want to use the song Al mentioned on Sunday, a version with lyrics can be found here.