May 13th – Romans 3:1-31

Although our Sunday teaching only ran to v20, we’ll be looking at the longer passage (up to v31) in Home Groups. Try to have a copy of The Roman Road with you at Home Group this week. There’s two downloads below that you can use.

This week’s Home Group questions relate to Romans 3:1-20.

  1. How would you summarise the privileges and responsibilities that have passed from Ancient Israel to the Church?
  2. Are people born “basically good” and corrupted by the world, or “born corrupt”? Have you ever had a conversation where someone says that religions “hold back human progress”? If someone said that to you, how would you respond?
  3. Imagine that a friend has been given “The Roman Road” to read. They find Romans 3:23-24 hard to understand because of the “Christian jargon”. How would you explain it to them in everyday language?
  4. What is a “sacrifice of atonement”? What Biblical stories or non-Biblical pictures illustrate what Jesus did in “atoning” for us?
  5. Can you tell part of your testimony in a way that demonstrates what it means for God to be “just and the one who justifies”? (v26) [suggestion: have two or three people try this – there will be chances in future weeks to share testimonies]
  6. How can we avoid the parallel dangers of living under the weight of guilt, or taking sin too lightly?